Digon, the school's LGBT inclusion group have been nominated for a National Diversity Award.
This is an award that recognises the efforts of groups and individuals who make a difference in the field of diversity across all protected characteristics. This year's ceremony will take place at the Liverpool Cathedral and the pupils are very eager to reach the final!

In order to achieve this, they need your help. Every nomination needs a few backers. These extra votes will get us to the point of being considered by the judging panel. In order to stop it being a popularity contest, I will then need to furnish the panel with evidence of work we have carried out over the years.

On behalf of the pupils I would like to ask if you would consider voting for them. You will need to write a short sentence explaining why you think they deserve the award then hit the "Vote" button!
Yesterday the link was shared once on Twitter and twice on Facebook and we got 32 votes. If you would consider sharing the link too we could get a whole lot more!

If you have already seen the link and voted - Thanks! If you intend voting... Thanks also!



Vote for Digon (Ysgol Plasmawr) and other positive role models and community organisations at The National Diversity Awards 2017

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